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Web services

designGorila Grafica can now offer an extensive range of web services.

Every business now needs an online presence, however small, to ensure that you can be found on the biggest resource on the planet. Make sure that you can be discovered, before your competitors are.

“By 2016 50% of every Euro spent will be influenced in some way by the internet.”

Source: Forresters

Services we offer

Domain name registration

domain names Domain name registration starts from as little as €10 per year. We can also advise on the choice of your domain name to ensure the best search engine optimisation SEO (SEO). We would also advise against buying multiple domains that redirect to one site as this can negatively affect search results. Talk to us for the best advice on your web strategy.

Website hosting packages

TypographyWe can offer packages to suit your expected bandwidth. The basic package starts at only €25 per year. If you are using Gorila Grafica for your website design then we design very 'light' websites that take up little server space and are quick to load. We feel this is important for customers targeting an audience who live in Spain as connection speeds here can be very slow.

Website design and maintenance

ColorsFrom a simple one page website that highlights your business and contact details to a fully fledged site with lots of searchable content and social media integration. For estate agents we can offer a cost effective customised template that will look and feel like a bespoke site, but at a fraction of the cost. We can also offer update and maintenance packages or simply a pay as you go system for uploading new content.

Social media management

Cross-platformYour online presence wouldn't be complete without some kind of social media integration. Whether it is just a link to your Facebook page or complete integration with multiple feeds from different platforms. We can offer a social media management package where we can update your content and post on your behalf to generate leads giving you time away from your computer to work on your business.